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Getting Started With Bloodindex Blood Sugar Diary
Bloodindex provides Diabetes diary (blood sugar and weight monitoring) for you to store your blood sugar(fasting/random/pp) and weight test results. Retrieve them whenever you want through a click of a button. Take Printouts and track your history of reports with both detailed and as graphical comparision Charts.

You are welcome to use this tool as a free service from bloodindex

It is easy three steps to take printout your readings as handy reports
  • Store your test results every time you have a test done (possible data to store for this history are: Fasting blood sugar (FBS) Results, Random blood sugar (RBS), Post Prandial Results and Notes/ Remarks for every test you have done.
  • You can also review your blood sugar diary at any time from anywhere, and your data will be available easily via web browser.
  • Now you can take printouts of your report as both detailed as well as colored graphical chart, or save and download your report as different formats to get your prints later.
  • You can then take your printouts with you, during doctor visits. Also you can send e-mail your reports within minutes.
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Accuracy of home glucose monitoring devices

Accuracy refers to the ability of a glucose-measuring system to report a result that reflects the actual blood glucose level. Accuracy can be affected by several factors, including the type of blood glucose strip and monitor.

Patients should check the accuracy of their blood glucose monitor occasionally by bringing it to visits with their healthcare provider when blood work is done. Patients can use their monitor to check the blood glucose at the same time that a laboratory blood glucose level is drawn.

Hospital or office laboratories report glucose levels in a part of the blood, called plasma. Most blood glucose monitors also report plasma results (this should be stated on the test strip or glucose monitor packaging). Older meters reported whole blood glucose results, which can differ from plasma results by as much as 15 percent. Patients who compare their glucose monitor results with those from their provider's laboratory should see no more than a 15 percent difference; larger differences suggest a possible problem with the monitor, blood glucose strips, or monitoring technique.

Diabetes diary
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